Dicourse is activly working on a fediverse / ActivityPub plugin

I made a post about it the other day but thought I should bring it up here. I know I am not too active in this community (just a lurker) but seeing as this is a new frontier of possibilities it would be interesting to explore. Seeing as this community is already part of the fediverse via its peertube instance it would be interesting to see how a connection in one of the topics to the wider fediverse might work. This plugin will let each category (and maybe also topic?) be able to choose to federate independently.

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hmm, when i saw this before i thought you had to enable federation for each topic. doing it by category makes more sense. not sure if we have any specific topics we’d want to federate with other discourse servers at the moment, or open up to public discussion. but i’m glad that the people making Discourse are interested in activitypub.

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It could be interesting to connect (for example) a diy catagory with lzx forum, or maybe with a more audio focused diy community like //// forum although they would have to add the plugin to make this work.

In general i would be interested in experimenting w this even if we just create a new category for fedi