Did i buy a paper weight?

What’s up Squad a brief introduction my working Alias is sofa King sad boi and I recently purchased the videonics MX Pro mx3000 without the power cord. is it possible to Circuit Bend this thing and scrap it for just the circuitry and not need the power cord? Basically did I buy a paperweight or nah? I was lucky enough to get my hands on the focus enhancements mx4 which I am pretty stoked to have coming in so I guess I could use it for parts on that if it needed it but getting it circuit bent sounds awesome to me at least. Also I make music and I’m working on a few movie ideas and I’ve been editing video for a very long time never really in the analog format though which I’m happy that I get to dive into here’s a link to some of my previous work all original music with the some dope visuals I put together Larry and the fisherman :: Audio/Visual Mix :: Sofa King Sadboi :: Rave Charles :: Space Kids - YouTube

have you considered restoring the power cord

I personally can’t do it I’ve looked into having people build one and didn’t have success the only option I personally saying is buying another mixer to match which seems like a waste because I have the focus enhancements mx4 and it’s technically the Step Up from the one I have. I’ve seen a lot of MX ones modified but I haven’t seen the MX Pro either way I can still use it for parts worse comes to worse. I’m just curious if circuit bending is a possibility

i think, unfortunately you wouldn’t really be able to circuit bend something without first being able to power it somehow. also, in my understanding this particular mixer is mostly just like an actual computer inside, so it’s not really the best to circuit bend compared to one with more analog processing on board.

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