DIYVHS.COM - List of Links for VHS labels

Hi, friends!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten A LOT of questions about Contemporary VHS releases for analog video work, so I finally decided to put together a quickie ‘one-sheet’ style website to point people at.

First, who am I missing in terms of Sales/Manufacturing?

Second, I think it’d be cool to do an FAQ. . . why kinda stuff should we add to the page? I don’t want it to get TOO DEEP, but definitely a good jumping off point for folks that are interested in professionally doing VHS releases.



I don’t really have anything to add other than this is a rad idea! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.

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yes, i like the idea too, will think about suggestions for things to add. one thing i realized is that there are few resources for sourcing or making vhs tape cases or sleeves. i was trying to look up ones to buy and could only find the library ones… but i know there are more kinds and i also know that one can make them out of cardstock.


really into this ! the web page looks great. would love to do a scanlines compilation tape at some point too


I’ve been slacking, but I wanted to mirror/host every template I could find, in that third section, as well as some ‘Delivery Specs’ for VHS delivery, and some .EPR’s (plus whatever format Compressor uses as a Preset).

I know there’s other types, as well, but other than Library Cases, they may be lost to the ages.

I’d LOVE to do a Scanlines VHS compilation. . . we could make it a yearly thing!

Shoot me an email at, and let’s figure it out!


@BleuNuitVideo has an label that sells tapes

compilations are always fun


OH WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ROB! Thanks for reminding me!

At we used to have, like, thousands of blank white cardboard sleeves but we didn’t sell a single unit for yeaaars and then I think my boss just recycled them all.

Of course like a year later I set up VHS duplication for them and there’s now a whole subset of DIY VHS customers but he thought at the time that I was the only weirdo doing this sort of thing.


hi i am from Fargo, this guy here runs a mainly cassette label for harsh noise but also does VHS releases under Invocation Films. he released a vhs i did of weird crap that is called NEVERDAY although its sold out. u should hit him up if u have material or say whats up to me for compilation he might put out or collab.

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