Do you have any lzx-pertise? (mempal edition)

This is a very boring help question, but I’m slightly stuck — has anyone run into a memory palace that has a totally frozen screen, buttons won’t navigate? Haven’t run into that but know how to factory reset without needing the firmware to respond first?

Thank you for any pointers.

(Also, I swear, I think I am over them without ever even getting full use from the mempal seeing as they STILL haven’t shipped the TBC2 :upside_down_face:)

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hi, did you get this sorted out? if not, what does the screen look like when it’s frozen? is the module receiving a valid sync signal on the correct backpanel input? has the memory card gotten loose in the rear socket? the lzx community forum will likely have more ideas.

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Thanks, @dewb! It turns out it was the sync — although it’s weird to just … freeze the screen, in terms of UX. I appreciate your help. (The LZX forum can be a little aggro so I like to try here first. :wink: