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CRT > Oscillograph

Via Cracked Ray Tube, this tutorial demonstrates how to hack into the deflection coil of a CRT television to create visualizations from audio sources. The process can be used as a music visualizer or a tool to sculpt lissajoustype visuals in the style of an oscilloscope.

Warning: contains information on opening, discharging, and modifying a cathode ray tube, which is an incredibly dangerous process. Use at your own risk and only if you are experienced with electronics.


Panasonic WJ-MX10 Luma Key Mod

Adds option to key with a video channel rather than only solid colors.

Solidex Excel 200 (Fritz Telegraph Mini)

Courtesy of BPMC, adds nice glitch effects to otherwise lame composite video processor.


Analog Video Transmitter

Electromagnet TV Hacking

Oscillographic TV Hacking

Check out the tutorials at

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