Documented Hardware Mods

Originally added this to DIY Hardware Synths page, but then realized mods probably should probably be their own separate thing (and didn’t see a pre-existing page/thread).

CRT > Oscillograph

Via Cracked Ray Tube, this tutorial demonstrates how to hack into the deflection coil of a CRT television to create visualizations from audio sources. The process can be used as a music visualizer or a tool to sculpt lissajoustype visuals in the style of an oscilloscope.

Warning: contains information on opening, discharging, and modifying a cathode ray tube, which is an incredibly dangerous process. Use at your own risk and only if you are experienced with electronics.


Panasonic WJ-MX10 Luma Key Mod

Adds option to key with a video channel rather than only solid colors.

Solidex Excel 200 (Fritz Telegraph Mini)

Courtesy of BPMC, adds nice glitch effects to otherwise lame composite video processor.