Edirol CG-8 troubleshooting?

I JUST received a cg8 in the mail from Japan today !!! I’m SO EXCITED !!! True holy grail moment lol

Sadly, whenever I power it on it just beeps every few seconds and does nothing ):

So far I’ve tried different power sources, replaced a cr2032 battery, and unplugged and replugged all of the many ribbons on its boards and nothin so far.
I read somewhere online that the motherboard (epia-m rev b) beeps sometimes when there’s a memory issue so I’ve ordered new RAM (yes literally PC ram lmao) and I’ll update if that was the issue. There’s also a 40gb harddrive in here it’s honestly not what I was expecting at all haha :joy:

In the meantime is there anything anyone can think of ?

I have the same problem. We’re you able to fix the unit?