Edirol P-10 File Spec

I have finally worked this out on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) running Big Sur 11.6.8 if anyone needs to know… I am using a virtual machine through Parallels. And… My brain is J-E-L-L-O…

First, Download the “P-10 Image Converter Light” Application.

I found it here:

(file should be called p10_imageconverterlite101_mac.zip)

Next, Download the OS install from Apple. I used El Capitan but am setting up a second virtual machine with High Sierra since that is what @IOM is using. El Capitan seems to be kind of unstable in Parallels, High Sierra might be unstable as well, not sure yet. Double click the OS “.dmg” you downloaded and then double click the “.pkg” in the window that opens. Follow the prompts, this will add a file to your Applications folder on the mac called “Install OS X El Capitan” This is what Parallels will need to see to install the Virtual Machine.

Link to old OS Downloads:

Also, I bought the “One time Payment” Basic Parallels which might be why it doesn’t run Great. I AM SO SICK OF SUBSCRIPTION$$$$$$!!!

Once the Virtual Machine (VM) was up and running I copied the P-10 Converter Software directly into the Apps Folder. Then, Insert the SD card you use in your P-10 to the computer making sure it shows up in the VM. The SD card needs to already be formatted by the P-10 and working on the P-10. I use a 32Gb card but had to go through a bunch of different ones to find one that worked with the device. In the P-10 Converter Software Select the SD Card. From here I just dragged and dropped all the files I wanted converted at once and they were converted and loaded directly on the P-10 SD card. Once you put the SD card back in the P-10 all the files should be ready to assign to the Numeric PAD!!! Wahooo!!!

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Make sure you Install “Parallel Tools” after setting up the Virtual Machine as it appears to be the tool to let you Copy and Paste files between the VM and your Native OS.

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Looking to purchase a P-10 but don’t want to buy hardware I can’t use.

I tried following your VM path, but mac wont let me download High Sierra or older to use with Parallels on my mac which is running Monterey 12.1

Curious if anyone else has work arounds for finding a copy of High Sierra or any other work arounds for getting P-10 converter to work, or a if a converter like Adobe Media Encoder. Can be a work around.

Do you NEED P-10 Image Converter in order for the SD card to recognize the file?

Just noting that I tried a bunch of things to convert videos for the P-10 and got sick of it. It was a total faff.

However… What I didn’t realise was that the sampling portion of the P-10 is excellent. Now I simply feed in the video I want to import to the P-10 via composite and record it to a pad. Getting the start and end times can be a bit tricky, but otherwise it is so much faster to do it that way.


The straight forward way :grin:

Old thread. Got a p10 in mint condition from Sweden. Conversion works fine on my Asus bought 4 years ago running windows 11. Lots of fun.