Edirol v4 and v8 used from other countries

Wondering about any concerns in regards to shopping for a used Edirol V4 or V8 as a TBC and master video controller. I noticed some available from Japan, but am wondering about any concerns to consider, in addition to knowing whether I’ll end up with PAL or NTSC.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated!

I bought my V4 from Japan and it works fine without any extras (I’m in the US and assuming you are as well). The power supply should work with any mains voltage. Additionally, Japan’s an NTSC country. The V4 and I presume the V8 as well can be set to PAL or NTSC mode through some button combination you can find in the manual. As long as the unit is functioning, you should be able to use it without a hitch.

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Correct, they can both be set to NTSC or PAL.

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Thanks so much! I realized I’d better check before pulling the trigger on what might be a terrible idea. :heart:

Never hurts to ask! Have fun with your mixer!

What do you think about using the V4 as your primary video controller? My understanding is it will offer two channels of TBC. I’m planning to either use the V4 or V8 alongside:

  • a few RCA security cameras
  • 3trinsRGB
  • VGA devices
  • VGA to composite converter
  • backup camera and small rca video monitor
  • VGA to HDMI converter

Any other concerns or things to keep in mind? Planning to use for live theater performances, think performance art experimental shows for a deaf audience. Also considering some old Toshiba TSAP-930 security cameras.

My understanding is ~$400 for the v4 and ~$800 for the v8 are fairly normal used prices.

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Heya, I’ve just joined the forum. I picked up a V4 this week and have been wondering a lot of the same questions. My understanding is that the TBC isn’t great on these devices when it comes to processing circuitbent devices or dirty mixers but the sources you have listed should all be fine.

Stuff that outputs digitally glitched signals (VERSPI etc.) should all be fine too.

If you decide to start using circuitbent stuff, you’ll need a standalone TBC. It’s possible to adjust the TBC settings within the V4/V8 but it’s still not good enough to retain an overly glitched signal unfortunately.

Also, I paid €304 for my excellent condition V4, plus shipping. They seem to be around that price from what I’ve seen.


Hmm, thanks! Guess I will discover whether my video is overly glitched and then get additional tbc as needed. Appreciate your thoughts.

Cool, what have you tried doing with it so far?

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It’s still en route from France unfortunately so haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I’m sure I’ll be posting more once I do though!

This video here demonstrates the behaviour of the V8 with a dirty mixer running into it. Might be of interest.


Haha, actually already watching it (right now). Hehe.

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