Edirol V8 issues - subtle flicker/strobe always

Hi new to the group :slight_smile:

I just got an edirol V8 from Europe (but I’m in US) and everything works perfectly except there’s a subtle flicker that happens at the same frequency with the menu letters and happens more intense on the two channels when effects are selected and especially when in a feedback loop. It’s always the same speed/frequency. It’s also really hard to capture on my camera, whenever I film my crt screen at 60 fps (like you should) it appears to be fine from the camera.

Things I’ve tried:

  • 4 crt’s present the flicker at the same amount, so not the monitors
  • have tried 3 power adapters and doesn’t change
  • have unplugged everything in my house to kill any ground loop and doesn’t change
  • tried different cables/adapters power outlets, unplugging everything from mixer
  • I’ve tried every setting in the v8 including sync threshold and other things in menu settings like PAL/NTSC

The thing is, all video signals like VCR’s/cameras/VGA all come in with a stable image but as soon as you put on an effect or do a feedback loop, something on the screen is flickering from varying intensities. I’ve used Panasonic video mixers and know that you can occasional get strobing when using effects/feedback loops, but never encountered a mixer that strobes so quickly and always stays at a similar rate. It’s like there a slight doubled overlay slightly out of sync whenever the mixer gets pushed in any way.

Im happy with the results when I capture it from my phone but just have a hard time looking at the screen, really hurting my brain haha. Let me know if y’all have any suggestions or ideas, or if the feedback on the V8 is just usually a bit stroby in general.


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Can you capture the problem in a video?

i have a v4 and a v4ex, not a v8 but very similar - and haven’t experienced anything like that, it doesn’t sound like normal behavior. have you tried plugging it into any LCD monitors or digital capture devices ?

is the power supply for this mixer legit?


What i learned from phase interference visible on web cams: The power frequency in Europe is 50 Hz. But 60 Hz in US.

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Thanks for the input so far - for some reason the effect (subtle ghost jitter) only appears on my CRT’s, and can’t capture it well on my phone. I used my crappy usb capture device and doesn’t show up on that either, I think because the quality is so compressed or maybe it’s missing frames? A little jitter comes through on phone/capture but like 10 % of what’s on the CRT. I promise I’m not losing my mind haha - I don’t have an LCD screen yet, I should bring it over to my friend’s house and check that out m.

Also, I was able to try a time base corrector and that didn’t help at all either…

I’m a new user so can’t upload videos of the issue directly on here yet, but I’ll try and put up a YouTube link soon :slight_smile:

thank you for pointing this out…
…you should now be able to upload videos

anyone else with the same problem please let us know!

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Alright, here are some examples of the strobe issue with my V8. I just realized this strobe is apparent no matter what the input source is, so even my clean vcr signals are always jiggling at this same rate. The strobe is much more apparent when effects are engaged tho, and is more intense than the videos I was able to capture, but still show what is happening.

Also, the power supply I have is the correct Roland one.

yeah, that looks like it would be quite painful to stare at for a long time

any ideas how to make it stop, you think it’s an internal issue with the V8? those things are tanks and not even that old

no idea unfortunately. i have a v4 that i have to turn on and off a bunch to “warm it up” before it outputs a non-glitched signal. and a v4ex that sometimes drops to a much lower frame rate at random times when i’m using the s-video output. so while i love the edirol mixers i don’t exactly think of them as tanks.

are you in the US using only NTSC gear?

it does seem like a board issue to me, which i can’t really advise on as these mixers are highly digital and rather beyond me in terms of repair. if it happened to me i’d probably spend a lot of time deep diving in the menu to rule out any causes in the settings. it also looks like it could maybe somehow be related to interlacing although i can’t tell for sure.