Embedding circuit simulations!

was just chatting with @BastienL about circuit simulators and he showed me circuitjs - (source here) looks cool ! check out this pal burst amplifier !

now we can embed them here in scanlines too ! (with the iframe tag - <iframe src="put.url/here", Width=700, Height=700></iframe>)

only problem is that slightly more complex simulations generate urls that are over the 2084 url limit for many browsers etc. could use a url shortener but then we open to iframe embeds from anywhere - not sure if theres another way around this limit ?


I appreciate this is a very old topic, but I am the co-author of circuitjs. We have recently changed it so the URLs are more compressed which should make it possible to embed more complex cicuits without needing a URL shortener.


That’s great news ! Thanks a lot for the update - it’s a great project. I use it a lot :smiley:

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