Enhancers/processors with black restore feature?

Does anyone know of any devices that have a black restore feature besides the Elite Video broadcast video processor? Or of another way of achieving the same effect? The Elite Video is scarce and a little out of my price range.

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I feel bad, because if I get my hands on one, I’m gonna circuit bent it it might ruin the functionality or just the unit as a whole

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From what I understand the company who made it copyrighted the way they restored the blacks to where no one else could, which is why they are like the only ones

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Wow that’s unfortunate😭 thank you I guess I’ll stop looking

I wouldn’t stop looking for one I could be wrong and there’s always other options. If you stop looking, you’ll never find it. if you do find it, please post it here so that I can also because I’m still looking

Will do :handshake: I recently got an old production monitor to use instead of a tv and I noticed black comes through a lot better. That could be an option in the mean time!

Is this like a levels / black point adjustment? Sounds great!

I don’t think so. I only heard of it in a YOZOVOL vid so I’m no expert but I think it make the blacks in a video nice and crispy after getting washed out a passing through all your devices. It looks like it makes a huge difference lol

There’s probably some variety of old Archer video enhancer that had a knob up that alley. I’d also look into vintage color correctors from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Videonics, etc.

As general practice for preserving blacks within the signal path, I’ve found that using s-video all the way through for sources makes a significant difference compared to composite.

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Ooo ok cool thank you for the tips😁

not sure if this is useful but for keeping black areas in a signal, i use a luma key to key in another input that doesn’t have anything plugged into it (which usually shows up black in most mixers). doesn’t affect the overall brightness of the rest of the signal but it has helped me maintain true blacks in those darker areas.

i have used this most often with camera feedback to get rid of screen glare or being able to see the corners of a tv or something

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That’s an interesting work around! I’ll try that as well. Thank you!