Entertaining technical message board threads

if yr like me you spend an inordinate amount of time cruising all sorts of technical forums for tidbits of engineering data that come directly from folks who can cite experience. this one had very low actual information content but made me lol from about ‘No no it’s only 12 fps per eye’ onwards


A few years ago I upgraded the VPU (visual processing unit) in my brain so now I can process video at much higher rates, up to 1080p fps without loss (using a dual-blink connector). I can even watch full-res psychedelic strobe-warning video art now, but sadly only at around 420 fps.

Having a water-cooled head and living my life in the shower is a bit of a bummer though.


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That powerpoint slide :joy:

oh no

I can only see in 23.976 fps

how did he do this

CRT of death (literally capable of death)