EU Laser Artist invited to the STATES looking for extra gigs

Hi guys,

my name is Alberto Novello, i’m an Italian professor of electronic music and new media artist, mostly I performed laser shows around the world for the last 10 years.
More info about me:

I’ve been invited to give two shows in Colorado and San Francisco in April, and I’m looking for more places to add performances.

Could you think of places that be interested in hosting my show?

This is my classic laser show (done more than 50 times around the world):

and the one using the blacklight on photosensitive paint (which is new and very cool)

Let me know if you have some ideas, the big travel is already paid for :wink:

I can also give a workshop (to all ages) on how to use tools from the past (lasers and CRT screens) to make audio reactive art (done that for more than 10 years all over the globe):