Eurorack version of Two Comparator Effect

Hi folks,

I just wanted to share my progress on this project. The version in this video is not quite the final version but it’s close.

Huge thanks to @cyberboy666 for making this circuit open hardware! And to Rob Schafer for the original circuit design.


This is up on GitHub now.

I will offer PCB/panel sets through soon. Maybe even kits. But the site’s shopping cart flow isn’t working yet. For now, if you’re interested, you can contact me via the site:

But of course if you simply want to grab the KiCAD files and just get the panel and PCB printed at JCLPCB, you can totally do that instead.

I think I’m going to iterate on this and make a version of it that is more oriented toward 0-1v signals rather than composite signals, and add CV control and some alternate outputs.

I’ve used this at a few live shows and it’s been a really great addition to my set up.

Huge thanks to @cyberboy666 for not only developing and publishing the circuit beyond Rob Schafer’s original design, but also for being cool about me publishing this 4hp Eurorack version of it.