Evaporate Video Pack

Hello all, I am new here, but I hope this is something that may be interesting and/or useful for you.

I recently made an experimental video pack that is free for anyone to download and use.

My goal for this pack was to create organic and ever changing shapes by capturing the simple action of liquid evaporating off of Water Writing Paper (蒸发). Water Writing Paper is an amazing material that turns from off white to black when wet, and then back to white again as water slowly evaporates from its surface.

Because evaporation is such a slow process, the videos in this pack were captured at 1 frame-per-second and then rendered at 24 frames-per-second to reveal the evolving and organic shapeshifting of water. The videos look great further sped up. They also work well for keying and are a great “noise-like” source when jumping quickly and randomly between frames.

It was a total experiment and I was not exactly sure how it would come out. I had my doubts while painstakingly capturing footage at 1 frame-per-second for hours on end, but I think it turned out pretty cool.

Feedback welcome!


it looks really cool ! i especially like the shot in the highlight reel where the entire surface is made damp and then dries inconsistently. that has a wonderful movement.

Thank you! I think there is at least one more like that in the full pack as well (that came from the second day of shooting).


challenge accepted :wink: