Exception Thrown error in Visual Studio

Hey folks, I booted up Video Waves v2.5 recently to do some editing and got this error in Microsoft Visual Studio:

And here is what the debug console says:



Not sure what happened or what broke. Last few times I tried to use this NDI wouldn’t work. It would open but Video Waves would only display a grey screen, so I was going to switch to using OBS.

so the clue here is that the exception is thrown on the obs virtual cam .dll sides of things, looks like vw thinks it has a reliable feed from the obs sides of things and then the obs cam throws an exception.

i would start by double checking hardware usb cam inputs with vw first just to make sure thats the main issue.

next thing i would do is test the obs virtual cam outputs to other things (zoom, jitsi, whatever) to make sure everything is smooth there. maybe updating or backdating the obs version might help at this point. searching obs boards for errors with that virtual cam .dll might help as well.

final thing to look into would be that the in the console it seems to freeze up at setting up device 1, so maybe just maybe theres another issue happening with the elgato screen link. this is most likely not the issue here at all but always good to be thorough

Gotcha. I think I got that figured out so thank you kindly for the help.

I just wanted to let you know that NDI 5.5 seems to have changed the webcam application and I’m having trouble getting it to work with Video Waaves. I’m experimenting to see if I can figure it out. NDI doesn’t seem to have downloads of their previous versions available (unless I couldn’t find it on the page) so this could potentially affect your instructions on your site.


i’ll save these exe and dmg for future sharing as well if this link goes down