Favorite books/articles/general readings of 2020

howdy! always looking for more stuff to read, not necessarily related to audio visual art techniques/history. anyone want to share fun stuff they read this year?
i enjoyed:
tade thompsons rosewater series (another kind of ‘colour out of space’ pastiche except not all the aliens are exactly hostile and the alien ‘invasion’ site takes advantage of their local alien to become a seccessionary state in the middle of nigeria
Hideyuki Kikuchi demon princess series: kikuchi is the creator of Vampire Hunter D (and author of like 20+ VHD novels), this series takes place in the demon city shinjuku universe and was apparantly their first vampire centered work that led them to creating VHD? Their style is this strange mixture of every imaginanable sub genre of science fiction, fantasy, and horror all wrapped up in a surreal gothic by way of hammer films atmosphere. none of their stories really makes any sense to me from a plot stand point but its hard to care that much when the all of a sudden for no apparant reason the protaganist becomes possessed by a multidimensional dreaming clam or is suddently battling ink drawings or i don’t even know.
and like probably a bunch more books if i look back on my list but these two stood out