Feedback into capture card

Without backstory, I am curious if there’s any way to capture the beautiful creaminess of the feedback of an old ccd security camera pointed at a crt television properly with a capture card? For a bit more of a description of my situation and gear, read on!

Hello, I’m new to a lot of things involving video. A couple months back I found an Edirol v4 on eBay for $150 that needed some tlc, was able to fix it pretty simply, and started messing with that. Next, a friend recommended an inexpensive security camera for playing with crt feedback into the mixer, which I love. So while I used to use rescanning with my dslr, now there’s at least one security camera in the way so I bought a blackmagic ultrastudio 3g capture box (which is awesome, by the way) and then realized I needed to get an analog to digital converter so that I could hook up to it. So everything’s working as it should, I think, but no matter what I’ve got the capture card set on, instead of the lovely organic bubbly flickering around the edges of almost blown-out feedback, I get weird lines and artifacts. I know I could run blur on the captured video to get some of that back, but is that the only way? Any advice would be appreciated!

i would hazard a guess that the issue is in whatever you picked up to convert from analog to hdmi/sdi. try monitoring the output from your adc before it goes into the capture card to double check

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I’ll definitely check that. Can you recommend a good, accurate unit? I just picked this one up and could definitely still return it.

unfortunately a ‘good accurate’ unit to monitor HDMI/SDI signals can often still be pretty expensive these days. you can just try plugging the hdmi into whatever you’ve got available to double check? if yr capturing from the SDI then you might need to do some detective work on auction sites to find something to monitor from theres for cheap. figuring out keywords to filter out stuff that supports HD SDI signals would probably be the best approach?

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I actually saw a reference elsewhere on the site to the BMD analog to SDI and UpDownCross so I ended up just dropping the money on those and they made a massive difference.

I also bought some proper 75 ohm cable and connectors and fabbed up a few good cables instead of just using whatever was in the Cable Box. Maybe that helped, too, maybe not.

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