Filming with iPhone Help

Does anyone here use their I phone to film their CRT?
if so what tips do you have ill be starting out doing this till I can afford a camera.

Ooooo. Refresh rate issues are probably going to be an…issue.

Maybe there is an iPhone app that lets you monkey with the ‘shutter speed’ of the iPhone camera. That way, you can kinda synchronize the refresh of the CRT (50 or 60hz) and the shutter speed of the iPhone’s camera.

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I found a video talking about filming CRT’s with phones if anyone else is interested.
Ill find out how well it works when my synthesizer gets here in a month


This video explains very well what I was trying to. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for all your help!

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I find creat result using the app ProShot. This app gives you more control over your video image that the standard iphone camera. Each enviroment needs some tweaking but these are my preferred settings:
EV: 0.0
WB: Auto
ISO: 32
SHR: 1/50 (for pal)
FOCUS: Manual