Films that inspire you?

not at all video related, but it is math/geometry related and i thought folks here would enjoy it.

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beau travail by claire denise
syndromes and a century/tropical malady by Apichatpong Weerasethakul
hunters and bombers from NFB

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Tetsuo - the iron man









Not a movie but a videozine:

Cyberpunk Videozine - just a sample

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Difficult question for me as this is my primary area of work, but in no particular order (and not including video art/arthouse films etc., I’ll make a separate post later):

Simply a classic, the definition of oneiric cinema (a concept that interests me greatly). Left a huge impression on me at a young age. His earlier experimental films are also great, Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times), The Grandmother and The Alphabet are all wonderful in my view.

Mulholland Drive / Blue Velvet / Lost Highway
Yes there’s too much Lynch on this list sorry, but I’m just a really big fan. Even met him a few years ago lol. These films really helped me view relatively traditional storytelling as something that could still be conceptually interesting, which I’d lost faith in for a period of time. Mulholland Drive in particular really shaped my adolescence.

Tetsuo : The Iron Man (鉄男, Tetsuo)
Like many of my choices this has already been mentioned, but a phenomenal experience that captivates senses and emotions. Has already been described much better by people above me in this thread.

Videodrome / Scanners
Self explanatory, the film has many parallels with the type of art that interests me now. Although so do films like Hackers, which I suppose have influenced me to an extent too!

In The Mood For Love
I have always had a general “education” in lighting for screen, but this film really made me rethink the roles of dynamic range, contrast and warmth in eliciting an emotive response.

La Haine
I strive to document realism in a way informed by the elegance of this rugged production. Possibly my favourite film in general.

Once again, someone posted a much better response to this film earlier in the thread, but profoundly important.

Inland Empire and various documentaries produced in 1990s/2000s
I fucking love MiniDV as a format. I don’t have an entirely logical explanation as to why, but I grew up around its use, all of my favourite gritty documentaries are filmed on it, and so was Inland Empire which I adore. Jisoe is a particularly interesting documentary of this era from Australia imo if you don’t mind crime/swearing/bongs

I’ll complete a list, or make a proper list with experimental films etc. included another time, this is already getting far too long and I’m missing so many favourites already!!


My favorite film (animated or otherwise) is Millenium Actress by Satoshi Kon.
Ostensibly, it’s about a filmmaker seeking out a reclusive former actress to interview toward the end of her life. The portrayal of reality is constantly shifting between her life, her films, and the involvement of the interviewer. The visual style shifts at various points to represent different genres of Japanese film. I don’t want to link any of the heavier scenes for fear of spoilers, but here’s a good scene:

The next feature film (and sadly, the last) by that director was Paprika. It explored psychologists that dive into their patients dreams, and likewise blurs the lines between reality and dreaming.