Films that inspire you?

post some stills / films that inspire you (in art-making / otherwise) !

heres a few from me. i have many more but will restrain (for now :wink: )

decoder (1984)

Pink Narcissus (1971)

The Boxer’s Omen (1983)


here are some of my favorites in terms of aesthetic inspiration. some feel obvious but may as well get them out of the way

holy mountain - alejandro jodorowsky


sans soleil - chris marker


lucifer rising - kenneth anger


stalker - andrei tarkovsky



200 Motels

EDIT: I’ve been really in to William Klein’s Mr. Freedom lately, too.

EDIT AGAIN: also Shocking Dark, as if my username weren’t a dead giveaway to that.


I would also put Sans Soleil very high on my list of inspirations!

Some others:

A TV Dante by Peter Greenaway & Tom Phillips



Tribulation 99 by Craig Baldwin



Halber Mensch by Sogo Ishii (& Einstürzende Neubauten)

(Realizing now that I didn’t technically stick to “films,” but…)


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i dont have time for screengrabs atm but some directors i find to be consistently inspiring would be kurosawa, lynch, de palma, argento, and miike. just from a level of spatio temporal composition each director seems to be both highly devoted to the craftwork of visual storytelling, exuberant in experimenting, and just flat out seeming to be making the kind of movies that they would like to see. miike in particular seems to be ‘maturing’ in their own way and their recent works (last 10 years or so) has a number of thematically resonant peices that still manage to have a strong degree of the gonzo insanity of their early works


I almost forgot Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, one of my all time favorites.

The whole thing is on


ALTERED STATES (1980) Director Ken Russell


An Obvious choice but the one that started it all for me. It still inspires me more that 52 years later. It will always be the “Ultimate Trip”


Love this film. It’s unlike any other horror film I’ve ever seen.A masterpiece

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Aesthetic wise I’m firmly into the high contrast feel of both Tetsuo and sequel as well as pi (stunning soundtrack as well).


Surprised nobody has mentioned the old EBN stuff.


Perfect for the season I really enjoy the “feeling>plot” inspired film making of many of the Giallo directors. All the Colors of the Dark, Tenebrae and Deep Red. As well as the best known Suspiria.


just thought i would add here, since many physical cinemas / screenings are still closed: if you are looking for some good online content, i can recommend following the twitch channels for:

  • spectacle theater - twitch : those in nyc are prob familiar already but for everyone else this place is an absolute gem and 100% go here if u in newyork ! (when they reopen)
  • cathode cinema - twitch : was a monthly curated event held at coaxial arts in la, now they are screening online almost everyday with top selections
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Not exactly a film that inspires me, but I stumbled on this the other week and it’s a pretty great time capsule of mid 90s video effects.

EDIT: also, I’ve really been enjoying all of the archival footage the official Beat Club channel has been putting up this year. Lots of early video work in there.

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crazy film. love it.

Everything Is Terrible’s DOGGIEWOGIEZ POOCHIEWOCHIEZ, a remake of Alejandro Jorodowsky’s The Holy Mountain using only footage from dog movies

Animal Collective’s visual album Oddsac, which was the thing that opened the door to experimental filmmaking for me. After MPP and being indie darlings for a summer they were like “hey so we were working on this movie where we give Danny Perez music and he comes up with visuals and then we add to it and pass it back and forth here ya go” and it’s a psychedelic horror movie. The thing melts face, it’s incredible.

Starship Troopers has always been a movie I adore because it’s both dumb as hell and a brilliant satire.

and they aren’t films but the music videos Black Dice made are a very heavy influence on my work

Supposedly the new Starship Troopers movie WITH NO SATIRE that was announced in 2016 but was in preproduction all the way back in I think 2012 is still in the works, although maybe 2020 finally killed it. We can only hope.

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Not a film (either in the format or in the medium), but surely influential in many ways, and sometimes visually very very close to what we Pixelflowers have been doing 40 years later: Psychic TV First Transmission. It was a video series, NSFW, gory and shocking - the chapter #4 is on Youtube and I like to think its porn detection algorithms tried but failed to acknowledge the depravity going on behind the glitches:

We’ve been compiling a long list of movies, documentaries, archive videos we’ve been sourcing our clips from and we’re glad to share it with you:

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