Finally found my perfect CRT TV and it was free

I work for an environmental company that picks up hazmat and other materials for disposal/recycling. We did a clean out today of an old factory that had three pallets of electronic waste for us to take. This place had been in business for god knows how long and they had some really awesome old stuff they were just going to get rid of. Now me being an aspiring glitch artist, I saw an old CRT tv and knew I had to take it home with me. Never seen one like it. Hadn’t even heard of the brand. But it’s a perfect glitch/dirty mixing platform. There’s a section of controls in the back that are so fun to mess with. It even has a 1/4 inch output jack for audio. I’m in love with it. And it was just gonna be destroyed if one of us hadn’t been at the right place at the right time. If you ever see one in the wild, get it. You won’t be disappointed.

Also got a working oscilloscope! Always wanted one to test guitar pedal builds and modular synth waveforms but could never justify the purchase. I’ve never come up on anything like this before, so I’m extremely grateful. Just had to share that with the rest of the class. Cheers!


That’s awesome! I also recently got a perfect little CRT TV for free. A friend’s workplace was throwing out stuff and he asked me if I wanted it. It’s a 10" Roadstar (never heard of the brand) with a VCR in perfect condition. It replaces my bulky 21" CRT that I never was really happy with.

(second pic: @cyberboy666’s _rupture_ in the foreground, doing beautiful glitches)


thats a great pic thnx for sharing :heart_eyes:

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Oh damn that is really cool. I like how organized your setup looks, with that wj-ave5 on a stand in the back. I gotta do the same thing. My biggest gripe with glitch video equipment is that it all takes up A LOT of space.


what is that banana box thing in the picture? looks fancy!


That’s my build of LoFi Future’s GBS 8100 feedback/glitch video synth. One of my favourite glitch devices!