Finally Up and Running!

Oh my god! I finally got Video Waaaves running on OSX and it’s everything I dreamed of. Your guide was great, and outlined every hoop I had to jump through. I think this is my third attempt in the last couple of years (including some earlier versions with a different name I think?). I almost gave up a couple times today but I’m so glad I persisted. This is like a plug and play version of what I would spend hours setting up in VDMX, but so much smoother and better thought out. For now it’s been the best desk toy ever, and I’m excited to dive further into more creative applications. Just wanted to write a post telling people to take the hour or so of troubleshooting necessary to get this tool up and running because it is 100% worth it.


thanks! i just started work on 2.5 updates and boy oh boy i think yall are going to enjoy thiS


i just got it running on my new machine too and had a lot of fun using it as my camera in a zoom conference using Syphon Virtual Webcam. highly recommend surprising and confusing people by speaking at them from inside a cocoon of psychedelic frame buffer feedback.


Syphon is the final hoop for me to jump, I’m enjoying it with my facetime camera for now as a little treat before I resume troubleshooting.

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I just got video_waaaves running on my mac. its really fun so far. next step for me too is to figure out syphon / black syphon to get it to talk to my hardware