First Circuit Bent Video Mixer Walkthrough Video

Hello good people.

I completed my first successful videobend on a Vivanco VCR 3014 video mixer, with help and input from various folks, so I wanted to put together a video detailing the process and what I did for other people that might just be getting into this wonderful world and have similar questions as I did. Happy to answer any questions or be taught lessons!


this is such a great video ! really nice job explaining the concepts and it looks like ur final bent unit is sickk! i want one lol. thsnks for taking the time to document. wish there was content like this floating around when i first got into video bending :))

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Thanks a lot! Yeah, I didn’t find much in the way of info when I was making my first attempts, so cobbled together what I could find and bits and pieces of advice from folks, so thought it was worth sharing. Plus… weirdo effects! I’ve got a few other units in progress as well. Hopefully folks realise if I can do it then they probably can too.

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Wow! Thank you so much for this video, I will be definitely checking it out as I wanted to get into circuit-bending but I have no prior experience nor background to do it.

Moreover, I’ve recently seen this Vivanco being sold real cheap on a local site.

I just wonder if I’ll be able to circuit-bend Vivanco 3024 or 3044 with you video as guide?

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Awesome! I’m glad it is helpful in some way.

There are a bunch of similar ones from that Vivanco series, and they are all relatively bendable/easy to do in the same vein as this one. The circuits and PCBs are different, so the bend points won’t match up, but it’s the same principle. I’ve completed a 3024 as well with some nice results. :slight_smile:

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this video is great, it really makes bending seem approachable and less like magic.

curious if you have tried sending CV or gates to the vactrol input, or just audio signals?


Thanks a lot! Hopefully it inspires other folks to give it a bash. I was always afraid of doing anything, but it’s fairly straightforward if you adopt a logical approach to it. I’m a fairly haphazard kind of character as well by nature, so if I can do it… Just avoid the mains powered shit.

I haven’t tried CV or Gate input into the vactrol… just audio from my modular. In theory it should work to some kind of effect, as it’s just voltage, and I tuned it in to tolerate modular level signals, but… I believe for proper CV control you need to use an Op amp or something, and I don’t quite understand how they work yet. That’s next on my list to figure out, but if somebody reading this has any tips please do let me know!

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