Focus Enhancements (Videonics) MX-4 No Output

Hi there,

I’ve recently acquired a Focus Enhancements MX-4 from eBay that was listed for sale as-is/untested. The thing is in pretty great cosmetic shape, so I rolled the dice and picked it up for $50. I have the power adapter for the unit and the fan spins while turned on. None of the lights turn on after hitting the power switch, but I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.

Big problem: I can’t get a signal from any of the outputs (1x composite preview, 2x composite main outs, 2x S-video main outs). This obviously sucks, but I’m hopeful that this may indicate that there’s maybe just a single point of failure here that needs to be fixed to restore video functionality on all the outs. On the other hand, the lack of any lights coming on after powering up might mean that the unit simply isn’t booting up correctly, which may suggest something related to the board? (bummer)
I’m no expert so forgive my possibly poor troubleshooting skills here. I’ve found the user manual online and learned how to perform a factory reset on the unit, but that doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

Could anyone offer some advice on figuring out what might be causing this issue? And avenues one may take to fix it? I haven’t been able to track down a service manual for the unit, but if you are familiar with Videonics gear, you may have observed that this unit looks and functions nearly identical to the Videonics MX-3000/MXPro, and I suspect the internals are likely very similar. The only obvious differences between the two that I’ve noticed are the MX-4’s addition of ethernet/FTP support and a standard 12v DC barrel socket for power instead of the elusive proprietary jack of older videonics models.

Happy to provide more info about the unit if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

unfortunately don’t really have any repair advice, but i’m intrigued by this videonics mx-pro rebrand(?) “focus enhancements” sounds like a sketchy brand of nootropic supplements.