For.A TBC help (does this thing need external genlock?)

Hey y’all, first non-intro post so I hope Im doing this right. Looking I’m trying to dig up a manual or general use info on this TBC (for.a fa310) but am having problems finding any useful information. Does a TBC like this require external gen lock to function? Sorry if thats a bit of a novice question. This unit looks sick and is cheap so i must know haha. Thanks!!

it shouldn’t need genlock to function. if you want to use the tbc to genlock your input to another signal, use that signal as the source for the sync input. otherwise, just use a normal video input, and the unit should even out the timing of the sync pulses without syncing to anything external.

awesome thank you! Figured that would be the case but these bigger broadcast units make me nervous.

I uploaded the user manual for this one to Bastien’s video manuals repo. It’s quite technical but well worth reading:

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Also if you don’t score that one the Hotronics have a fairly good reputation too, and this one is BIN:

You rule! Thanks for the manual. I couldnt track it down for the life of me and forget to check Bastien’s repo.

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