Fubar Call for Glitch Art and Texts 2021

Hi there! It’s yearly spam from your friendly neighbourhood glitch art festival!

/’fu:bar/ is a yearly festival gathering focused on electronic error-themed reinterpretative multimedia art. The week-long festival starts on the first Saturday of October and hosts an artist residency program, showcases diverse talks, workshops, performances and an inclusive group exhibition, set up at multiple locations in Zagreb (Croatia) and online.

We decided to extend the deadline till Sep. 1st 2021.

Looking forward to your applications!


i tried the application link but it says that application is closed!

There are two open calls, one is closed (for workshops, performances, etc.)

The one for art and texts is still open. Here’s the direct link https://forms.gle/yoXyZncC3zLUvboF7 .

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ope dang my bad. was gonna try and submit a lil talk but realized that ship sailed long ago

if you write an email with a description and a bio the grand jury (=D) may or may not consider your late application.