Get more analog-like visuals in Hydra

In a recent class by the genius @andrei_jay we talked a bit about texture filtering. He showed a feedback loop that faded without any transforms, which sort of throwed me off a little bit. He then explained this was because of the linear interpolation happening between texels. Then I remembered Hydra uses nearest neighbour as the default, hence the beautifully pixelated, digital results. However I wondered if there was a way to change it on the fly. And there is! (We’ll probably add a built-in setting later)

Using linear interpolation on the fbos you can get smoother more analog-like visuals such as:

I opened an issue where i’ll be exploring the idea:

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thats really cool ! thanks for sharing :smiley:

probably the main thing to consider is that the nearest neighbor/interpolation texture look ups is that nearest neighbor will always be significantly less overhead on gpu. interpolation is hiding a convolution in the compiler. its probably can be categorized as something most folks don’t need to think about but good to let anyone who regularly is testing the limits of their hardware, esp for live performances, to know about the tradeoff

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wow, this is very cool!