Got suggestions the cheapest viable Cfast cards?

Picked up a bunch of equipment for next to nothing from a cinematographer who was having a moving sale near me, and one of the DVRs needs a Cfast 1.0 card. I checked the usual places and wasn’t really seeing much below $125 USD (at least not much that had enough capacity to be usable for lossless HD video), and I’m not about to spend 3 times what I paid for the whole lot just to use something I don’t really have an immediate need for anyhow, but if I could find a source for usable 128gb (or more) cards under $50 I might do it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here…

EDIT: I guess an SSD adapter cable and some kind of DIY enclosure and power supply is the way to go. It’ll still be way over my limit but much cheaper than actual cards.