Grass Valley Indigo SD AV mixer - Firmware - need some help

Hello All,

In real need of some help or direction.

I have an Grass Valley Indigo SD AV mixer, it is at firmware version 1.2.19 (2008)
the last firmware issues was 1.2.28 (April 2011) it has several fixes for a few issues.

I have trying to locate this firmware, I have tried Grass Valley and they stopped support in 2017 and no longer have the firmware.

I have tried wayback machine and it points to an grass valley FTP site that is no longer up.

Does anyone have this firmware for the Indigo SD

I believe I can even copy the CF card and just paste it over mine if someone has the same Indigo SD AV mixer.

You can check version when the mixer is on, it is under the setup menu 2nd tab, will show firmware version, anything never than 2008 is a win for me.

willing to pay for your time and trouble if you have this firmware.

Any of these will work for me.

Indigo AV Mixer v1.2.24 (000-219-419-910 20090519) File size: 384.0 KB, posted May 19 2009

Indigo AV Mixer v1.2.26 (000-219-419-910 20090519) File size: 362.3 KB, posted Jan 25 2010

Indigo AV Mixer v1.2.28 (000-219-419-910 20110412) File size: 274.5 KB, posted May 18 2011


Let me look. IIRC, if you made support portal account with Grass Valley you could get access to the files. I used to have a working account, but haven’t been on in a year or two. I’ll also take a look at what version is on my Indigo.

I called grass valley support and they told me it was no longer supported and the firmware was no longer offered. :frowning:

Thank you for any help locating the firmware.

this is a picture of the new firmware start screen.

@VampyreLegion I messaged ya!

Wow, thank you!!!

UPDATE: I located the original update executables.


Can you add them to so people have access to the updates?

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I will create an account and do that.

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That is what I wanted!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Lets get everyone to up to the new version!!

I have an account ready!!!

Nice one folks! Giving life back to old machines, fighting bit rot and disappearing websites, sharing the findings with public libraries…

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