Gravity Waaaves & general VSE news

howdy everyone, got a bit of news over here about GW, VSEJET, and other video biz. I’m doing another set of sales of prebuilt GW now thru the end of 2023, all thru my website, and yalls can find more info on that nonsense over there. Main things worth mentioning are that I’ll be updating the firmware to support save states & midi macros.

i’ll also be porting a good chunk of VSERPI stuff over to run on the VSEJET, so all GW users can have access to some simpler & more immediate instruments. Plus pi 3bs are just about extinct, and i still don’t have the pi4 port and theres now a flipping pi5 out already so whatever. I’ll be starting with Waaave Pool, Artificial Life, and Temporal Vortex. The only things i’m going to change for the first edition are just upscaling to optimize stuffs for HD.

unfortunately for some, i won’t be working on porting any of the audio reactive vserpi, but i will share documentation on how i port the code over (mainly just syntax in glsl + allowing for hd aspect ratio stuffs) for anyone who wants to take this project on for themselves!