Gravity Waaaves Midi Implementation Discussion

I have been in contact with Andrei about adding full midi implementation to the current Gravity Waaaves unit and he is open to adding this feature if a group of users can all pitch in to pay him to for his time and efforts.

I am creating this topic to help move along this idea of adding full midi implementation and to gather a group of interested users to help fund this project.

I absolutely love using Gravity Waaaves in my studio and hopefully at live performances in the near future. Although I use the midi that’s already within the system on a per-page basis, I would love to have full control over 80% of the parameter being controlled from my Buchla system.

What are your thoughts?

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I don’t hate the current midi implementation using the nano. I wouldn’t mind being able to do custom mapping though. Like Give each parameter its own midi cc.

Yes exactly. I’m sure every single parameter cannot be given a midi cc, but being able to give the bulk of the main parameters of each page would be great. Possibly making each block its own midi channel would allow more midi cc’s to be mapped.

Hoping this thread can gain some momentum to help Andrei implement this feature.

I am 100% willing to to put money toward this feature if we can gather enough interest.