Hacklab hosting creative coding + video art classes


i’m teaching a couple of classes hosted by hacklab over the next couple months, first one will be open to beginners and be Processing based and is up for registration now!

the second one will be a bit more advanced and based on learning c++ and glsl for video processing on raspberry pis (you can use these languages for any OS but i’ll be teaching the class around doing it on pis for various reasons) . as c++ and glsl are not exactly the most user friendly experiences for folks completely new to coding i do recommend that folks have some amount of previous experience with coding so either taking the Processing class or working through a bunch of daniel shiffmans coding train examples to get yourself accustomed to basic stuffs like common data types, for loops, objects/classes/methods etc and taking a gander at patricio gonzalez book of shaders and trying out some stuff with the first couple chapters