Has anyone used a wired numpad with R_E_C_U_R

Hey guys my generic usb wired numpad is only recognising the top half of the keys, has anyone had this issue before with recur? Also is it normal for it to stall quite frequently during operation? Is a 64gb card too much?

Also how do you go back to the console?


I’ve used three different wired keypads with it over the last couple years and never had any issues, does your keypad work normally on other computers?

most numpads i have tried work with recur. or if they dont work at all (on any device)

its not normal for it to stall - depending on how it is being used → are you using hdmi output ? if so what resolution - changing the HDMI_MODE can improve performance. also what videobackend ? if you just playing videos then omxplayer is optimized for that. but id u want shaders / effects and stuff then needa use ofomxplayer…