Hat hifiberry dac2 audio output doesnt work - phosphorm vserpi

hello how are you, I have received the hifiberry DAC and I have already loaded my PHOSPHROM image in my SD, everything is fine but the audio outputs (rca) do not work, I do not know if what does not work is the whole hat because the vserpi works well its hdmi video output and everything runs well, but the hat is as if it had no life.

thanks for your help, I do not know what it can be, it does not seem to be damaged is new! attached photos.


i’m pretty sure these are the 2 hifiberry boards i was working with for all the audio i/o VSERPI, i don’t recognize the DAC2 you’ve got on yr picture so could be a newer model.
2 options:

  1. do some research on how to “enable overlay” for the hifiberry DAC2 on your phosphorm image (roughly 10-20 minutes of work including research, to see if theres built in drivers on the image already)
  2. return the dac2 and pick up one of the known supported models

yes, that was the HAT is wrong because the DAC2 pro. I have already initiated the return through amazon and have already purchased this one which I am sure is correct.

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I’ve been using the HAT and it works perfect, I managed to get the audio out with a signal splitter, my specific question is, what is the best way to add fx to the chain so there is not so much gain loss, and on the other hand ask if I can add an audio imput and control it from the nanokorg? or is it just a generator what we have here? I would like to mix the processes.

phosphorm is just a sound synthesizer and can’t mix anything outside of itself, so using an additional audio mixer is probably what you’d want.

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I am having some problems to be able to take audio from the output of the phosporm, since when I use the splitter rca the oscilloscope does not work as if it was the direct output from the pohosporm. What is the way to take the audio and that what comes to the oscilloscope does not lose gain when duplicated to take audio? maybe you have to set the oscilloscope? mine is a 20mhz oscilloscope. Thank you very much.