HDMI to component woes

Hey there! I’ve been trying to send a signal from my computer to a component mixer and keep running into the same issue no matter what. The image output is sliced in half horizontally, and the top half of the image is offset by idk ~200 pixels to the left. I’ve tried two different professional converters with options for rgb and YrPbPr, and have run into the same problem in the MX-70 and the DFS-700 I have, tested every possible signal chain i could. I’ve even put it through the HDCP stripper i have and no dice. Has anyone ever run into anything like this before? I really want to ditch the extremely jank hdmi converter i have before it completely dies T_T

What resolution are you outputting from your computer over HDMI? Have you tried changing it to a lower res?

I always output 640x480 or 720x480 depending on whether the converter is going to use square pixels or not, and so i can chew through whatever amount of fx without getting frame drops. Hmm if the converter is HDMI to VGA/component, would size be messing with it that much?

Hmm resolution may not be the culprit then, just wanted to check because some cheap/older converters may not be tuff enough to handle resolutions above 1080p for example. Have you tried it with a different HDMI source/HDMI cable?

While I don’t love the quality, this Tendak converter (sorry it’s composite, forgot) I got on amazon for $35 does work fairly well and has very few options. the only options are PAL / NTSC and CVBS / S-Video… It works well with Lumen outputting 1080p from my mac (cheap Acer usb hub with HDMI out) If you have $100 to spend I can recommend the TvOne C2-2105 (has component, Ebay) you will need to buy a HDMI to DVI cable on amazon for this ($8)… THe TvOne has much better quality and many resolutions to choose from (NTSC is the setting that works) there’s tons of things in the menu but just ignore all of it… the color is better than the Tendak. Hope this helps!!

Also recommend the TV One Corio converters. Sometimes they sell for ridiculous prices on eBay so I would recommend waiting until one pops up for around 100$.