Help with first install

Hello i am trying to instal videowaawes oon my windows pc
have downloaded from

the files at WINDOWS/LINUX link and the one at WINDOWS-VS

Now i don’t knpw how to proceed,m i have contacted Andrew and he says to follow the instruction on site, i don t see much
The ZIP files i donwloaded contains all .MD files,i suppose need to install the framework…and this also have quite a few option which i don t know …
can anyone help?thanks

I have installed the framework PRO version (there are also community and developer?) and i can open some files in the APP folder…but i don’t see anything…

by framework do you mean openframeworks ? i’m a bit confused because i don’t think there’s a “pro” version of that.

for windows you will need to use visual studio i believe. try opening the .md in a text editor to read instructions?

ok i have passed over the installation part…at least i think
Now i can opend the md files using the visual studio. But i don’t really know how to proceed…if i open for exaple the video waave file in the APP folder looks like i can’t do anything
if i try to open some example files…also i don’t really see much
need to understand how to go on once the VISUAL STUDIo is installed

the md files contain the instructions. i don’t use windows so not sure, but on mac all i had to do is “run” it from the IDE (xcode in my case instead of visual studio) project file and it compiled as an app.

the files with the extension “.vcxproj” within each app folder are what you’ll open in visual studio, once there all you need to do is press the play button in the upper middle part of the gui and should be good to go!

ok i can see that. But how do i interact with it?how do i create my own animation?