Help with my first Glitchbox?

Hello everybody, i recently bought my first glitchbox, a very nice LIL’RUSTY from Mezkalin.
As soon as it arrived I immediately rushed to try it. When I tried it I noticed that it didn’t show the images I output from Resolume Arena, but only showed glitches. Between one test and another, I switched to the output through scart output, and a mistake I had made previously was not having connected the red and white cable of the RCA cable. For a while he showed me the images, but I noticed that very easily when I played with knobs, levers and buttons the image would completely break, showing again only scattering glitches.

My setup is: Resolume → HDMI2AV → LIL’RUSTY → CRT

Somebody told me i would need a video mixer. I have a WJ-AVE7 i found in my cellar, that i didn’t included in my setup because i recently found out it displays output in an annoying green tint.

Do you have any help? I can’t seem to get it to work, and right now I feel like I’ve just wasted money.

the audio rca (red en white) should not matter. I don’t know the (lil rusty) Vivanco mixer very well though…

I think the weak link is the HDMI2AV box or your (yellow) RCA cable.
Try connecting the HDMI2AV directly to your CRT and wiggle the connectors (both at the HDMI2AV and the CRT input), see what happens.

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I have a lil rusty myself. I found it to be a cantankerous beast at first. It breaks images and footage really quickly. But that’s ok. Like any other piece of electronic gear you have to spend time getting to know it (and the flavors of glitches you get) Guarantee it’ll be worth the journey.

One thing I’ve found is if you start the toggle switch (at the top of the device) in the middle position and then start playing with the glitch knobs (I start with the last one on the right and move to the other knobs from there) you’ll have favorable results.


The single most important thing to remember is…


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I actually already tried connecting the HDMI2AV directly into my CRT and the image was visible perfectly, but I haven’t actually tried to move the connector a bit yet. I’ll update you as soon as possible. What will I understand from this?

Thanks for your reply man. I’m actually playing a bit with the device, starting with the central audio reactivity lever set to off (so in the middle). It was fun for a while to slowly move the levers and knobs, but after a very short time the picture is completely broken, to the point where I can’t understand what the effects knobs do as it immediately goes from normal picture to completely broken , distorted, unrecognizable and I can no longer go back. Every time I have to turn off the device, turn off Resolume and do it all again.
Is there any possibility to see the usage of your device to understand if I’m doing something wrong?