Hi! I want to know How to do

I been saw Nam-June Paik’s
“Good Morning, Mr. Orwell” , “TV Garden” , and “TV Fish”

In those 3 works, we can see some scenes like remove background with Freeform Pen Tool.I’m just start to do Video Art so that I don’t know perfectly and sill little bit hard to understand every process of Video Art… But I really want to know his technique

Hope you help me!
Warm Regardes

I attach 3 still pics of Paik’s work



Cat FULL of GHOSTS has a nice tutorial on a Edirol V-4 Mixer. At 5:27 he starts to describe the chroma key and luminance key buttons. I think this is the effect you are looking for.

V-4 mixers are fairly cheap and also a really great mixer but not necessary to do this effect. You can find luma key and chroma key options in mostly every video editing software. I use Davinci Resolve, it’s free.

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Thanks a lot! And sorry for reply late
This information is very valuable for my work!

Warm regards !

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