Hotronic AP-41 TBC

I found this on ebay and am very tempted to buy it, I have no experience with time base correctors and have been trying to do research but it seems like there is little information about them in glitch art. Can anyone recommend some good ones or let me know if I should grab this one asap.

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i don’t know about how much they cost nowadays but i had one (actually still have it but it’s sort of loaned out at the moment)

i found it to be a solid unit. it does some very important proc amp type stuff in addition to being a pretty powerful tbc. so i ended up bringing it to some live shows despite the not-very-portable rack mount form factor. it also can be quite helpful in a feedback loop.

as for using them in glitch art, i think there is some info somewhere on this forum already about how a TBC can help you stabilize a glitched-out video signal, so i won’t go too in depth about that. but also, it has external sync input, and so has allowed me to genlock a signal to another signal so i could mix between them with one of the older video mixers that doesn’t have an internal frame sync – or, to be able to genlock a signal to feed it into the external camera input on an mx50 video mixer (which normally you would need to use a camera with genlock for).