How to compile an NES rom from a GITHUB project

Hey all,
Over time I’ve been collecting various game roms that people have made for art/VJing/whatever, but I’ve ran into a wall on some of them. There are some that all the files are on a GITHUB, but there is no actual rom file (like .nes). I think the expectation is for you to compile your own using the files, but I have no clue how to do that. Anyone have any familiarity with working with this kind of stuff? I am in no way a programmer, I just like making glitchy art on my NES XD.
Here is an example of one I haven’t been able to figure out:


I don’t know a lot about NES development, but it seems there is .bat file (mmc3_compile.bat for Windows) and a shell script ( Linux/macOS) in the repository that contain the commands that will compile the ROM file for you (each in a mmc3 and mmc5 version, which are different types of NES ROMs). The assembler tool (asm6/asm6.exe) comes with the repository.

Just tried it, but it seems the asm6 executable does not run on my M1 Mac. Maybe the asm6.exe on Windows will still work, but I don’t have a Windows machine to test this.


Awesome, just tried the .bat and that did it. Now to make my own custom one!
Thanks for your help!