How to make a 6 channel DC coupled soundcard with less than 10$

HI guys after many workshops in south america where people struggled to find a affordable multichannel DC coupled soundcard to control Scopes or Lasers, I found this solution, which has the minor drawback of smaller image (which can be overcome with a stereo amp), but works perfectly. Hope that saves money for someone and opens door for somebody else.


This could be useful to some Eurorack folks, too.

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Nice! I bought a 20EU Diamond Multimedia USB 7.1 for doing this - but didn’t get around to it yet.

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HI Gilbert, that’s a nice solution too. 8 channel you can do Vectrex and a Laser :wink: Seems like you have the resistors in place… you just need to connect it!! you’re almost there :slight_smile: Let us know if it works!