Huge collection of PIC and AVR C, C++, asm, composite video software

i’ve collected these over the past week or so. it is a pretty definitive collection for making composite video with PIC and arduino, plus generic BASIC and ASM. lots of different programming languages and methods. i will probably add more as i find stuff.

includes some stuff like full videogames like invaders pacman and full video game consoles for arduino, plus test video signal generators.

good stuff for reverse engineering to come up with ideas for your own stuff using very primitve devices and limited resources. ive made a few of these projects, parts will cost you about $20 at the most depending what you have on hand.


oh, wow!

I’d add this:

It’s the Arduino TVout library that you already have in that collection, but also with sync input, which allows it to be used for overlaying its output on top of an incoming video signal. Very useful.

Also it would probably be useful to have subfolders in your collection for each platform (PIC, AVR, any others you might have there).

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unfortunately doesnt support subdirectories. might organize them on my website and post that link instead.

Video Experimenter isnt very noteworthy imo since it just does simple overlay which is easy to do yourself with lm1881 and passives if needed, i just included stuff i found useful in this as a personal collection

Extracting sync is trivial using a sync separator such as you mentioned. That’s what the Video Experimenter Shield (that the arduino-tvout-ve code is for) does, and the trivialness is why I didn’t suggest the shield itself.

Actually doing something in code with those extracted sync signals in order to sync the video generation to it is not trivial, and that’s what the arduino-tvout-ve code does.

If you don’t want to include it, no worries, it’s not my project so I’m not offended or anything. But I think it’s very interesting and useful to be able to sync the generated video without using a large and comparatively expensive video mixer with TBC. It means the AVR video generation can be a middle-of-chain thing (instead of just a beginning-of-chain thing) and you can interact with the video and do motion detection, object recognition/tracking, screen capture, etc etc etc (though at a low resolution).


i guess, idk i mainly i clude the libraries as artifacts since they are abandonware and in themselves actually dont work w newer arduino IDE and have to be tweaked by the user to work.

im working on rewriting the TVout library as well as TVoutColor library, ill be posting results. both of them make use of classes in a really annoying way that makes them way too tedious to hack, and are kind of just proof of concepts. i want to make a more modular library so that u can have one AVR chip as framebuffer and a separate chip as the actual cpu, or just minimal procedural code to fit on ATTINY chips for signal gen

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Looking forward to your reworking of the TVout stuff. It is indeed written in an annoying way. I’ve tried rewriting it myself for similar reasons, but I always give up after a bit because the original code is so frustrating.

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