I couldn't find a list of VJ software anywhere so here it is post them below

Stumbled upon this on YouTube it’s free thought you guys might enjoy taking a look https://www.visualzstudio.com/

If you have Ableton brain candy looks awesome working on installing I’ll let you guys know https://youtube.com/c/aestheticcandy

I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but Visual Jockey Gold (which has been freeware since about 2008) is still my go-to if I need visual effects that are very dated to a specific time in the early 2000s.

Also it’s made for 20 year old hardware so these days it will run amazingly on just about anything, and it’s actually surprsingly deep once you get the hang of the UI.

I used it just a couple weeks ago to render some y2k-authentic, algorithmic fire.

EDIT: if you need a n OK but not amazing Matrix effect (and who doesn’t?) it’s got you covered too, obviously.