I introduce myself + first setup impression and tips

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Mirko and I am a visual artist who lives in Catania (Italy). I recently bought my first video mixer, a Panasonic WJ Ave 5. I would like to ask us a few things:

1 I don’t really understand if the mixer works perfectly, so far I have connected inputs and outputs to create feedback, but when I connect a DVD player to the source or a video camera the image becomes wavy, is this normal? in general, could you direct me to some threads to better understand how it works?

2 my set up for now is made up of this mixer which I use to create effects which I then overlay on other clips inside VDMX, what do you think about it? Could you give me advice on how to improve (even slightly) this set up? thank you very much ===


Awesome first piece of gear to go with, you can have a lot of fun just with the feedback on the ave-5! When you run a source into it and it becomes wavy, what’s happening (if you’re in mix not wipe) is the feedback is starting to affect the image. The video fader is just adjusting how much feedback is actually being let through. In my opinion, if you arnt planning on doing live setups anytime soon. I’d go with a mismatcher 01 or mismatcher petite from freedom enterprise (these are for getting the glitches). Or if you like doing stuff diy, look up karl klomps dirty video mixer. You can make it for probably like $5 in parts and it’s pretty useful and fun to use with feedback.

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Thank you very much, I was actually thinking of doing live shows with this set up:
panasonic that creates the feedback that acts as an overlay inside vdmx with other clips, what do you think? I was thinking of getting the petite, where should I integrate it? I’m still not clear on how to mix everything well

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Oh yeah that would be sick! Although for doing live stuff the practicality of the mismatcher gear would be a little hard to use live. I had a lot of trouble actually getting a setup that can go on a projector so if you want to spend the least amount possible, here’s what i’d recommend.

  1. Either a sync_ope or mx-1 + ave-5 which is what i use for time base correction. The sync_ope is also really practical for adjusting the master effects live. The mismatcher petite can act as a time base corrector but I haven’t actually tested to see how stable it is so that potentially could be the best option for a tbc.

  2. 100% the lullabymachines circuit bent video enhancer is my favorite piece of gear to use that’s pretty cheap. Or you could go all out on this part and get something from mezkalin, tachyons+, cbmc, and a few others do bends on gear that you send in to them.

  3. The final thing needed would be a projector and or a shit ton of crts to stack at shows. As for projectors I just got lucky and found a nice Epson one at a thrift store for $15, so I never really looked into it too much. But for that i’d definitely ask around and find a decently cheap model you can always find people selling these old video models of any kind for way too cheap on ebay and facebook marketplace.

Thank you very much, you are very helpful, but I would like to understand 2 more things:

1 what is tbc, I bought the ave5 as a noobie

2 exactly how a chain of equipment of this type works, from a theoretical (non-technical) point of view what modifies what to be more precise, are there other discussions where I can see?

Thanks as always