I will pay someone to replicate this background and show me how they did it

After asking around on Reddit, YouTube and Discord, the answer for how the background in this clip was made is video feedback.

The consensus seems to be that this was done with analog tech and likely made using an old school video enhancer using a feedback loop.

If someone with that setup (or something similar) could try to replicate this background and tell me how they did it (or record a video of the process or whatnot) I would be willing to pay you for the trouble. Bonus if you’re able to do it with Video_Waaaves since I have that program and can run my recording through a VCR to get a similar effect.

I hope neither @shinxanta or anyone else replied to the comment that had been published above (which I just deleted), as it was a scam attempt (the same exact message with the same exact email address shows up in many, unrelated web forums).

It’s the first time this specific kind of scam attempts shows up on scanlines.xyz so I’m afraid it was triggered by the title of the original post and its money offer, which also were a first on this forum…


yeah good point and nice to have a gentle reminder to folks here that perhaps randomly soliciting paid assistance for video work/education should, at the very least, not be the number one reason for posting in this forum. even if only to avoid spam bots, is probably a better idea to just ask for help first, see if you get some responses, and then maybe just see if some kind of gig arrangement happens organically through a conversation instead of accouncing off the bat that you are willing to throw money at a problem :slight_smile: