Identifying CCD cam Iris connector

There’s a rather old Sanyo VDC2950 CCD cam I like to use occasionally since picking it out of a pile at the junk store a while back. It came without a lens and I’ve only rocked manual ones on it because of this curious IRIS OUT connector that appears to be somewhat uncommon? It’s been hard to track down a manual or general info for this camera, so I haven’t been able to efficiently search for types of lenses meant to work with it.

Whadya call this 5-pin connection? I’ve seen loads of other lenses with Iris cables which terminate in a square 4-pin, or in the S-Videoish barrel shape but with 6 pins laid out symmetrically, unlike this Sanyo. Not sure if it’s proprietary for some specific accompanying gear the camera may have been designed for, or if I’m just using the wrong terminology trying to learn more about it.

Any knowledge is appreciated!

svideo is usually carried on mini-din4

if its the same as svideo but with 5 pins i guess it would be called mini-din5

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you can probably get by with any lens that fits the mount, the iris control would most likely be just for electro mechanical controls for auto exposure/zoom ?

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Can confirm that it works well with any traditional C-mount lenses. My primary use case for the camera has it outdoors on a tripod pointed at a stage/projector while connected to my VJ rig about 25ft away. The event I use it for most often happens around sunset hours, so exposure levels tend to change relatively quickly and requires a fair bit a babysitting/back-and-forth with manual focus lenses, which is why I’m interested in getting some auto iris action for white balance and zoom if I’m able.

Obviously a more capable camcorder w AV outs could be better suited to tackle this issue, but one other novel feature about this camera that I like using is the handy barrel socket for 12v DC power, which I use to connect a beefy USB power bank for juice via USB-DC adapter cable. Keeping a couple of those banks handy for several scenarios makes it more portable/efficient of a solution for me than a bulkier old video camera and its respective batteries.