Image is Darker in OBS

Hey, just wondering if anyone has run into this issue? When I record the Video Waaaves window using OBS over NDI the image is much darker and “grittier” than the video waaaves window. I reached out in the OBS discord and there were a few reasons given as to why this might be- “color mapping,” wide gamut of mac, etc. I tried all of the suggested solutions, but there was no luck (including trying non-adobe color space, making sure monitor and mac match color space, trying both full and partial range in OBS, etc).

I’m still running a goofy setup since I can’t get video waaaves running on m1 (VW on 2010 imac > NDI > OBS on m1 since the 2010 can’t run VW and OBS at same time without dropping frames to 12 or so). I even followed the video guide on Andrei’s site to get VW working on m1, but due to only new version of NDI available, it doesn’t work (i think maybe some things have new names and its not all referencing each other correctly).

There’s probably a workaround for all of this, and I’m just a bit out of my depth. Maybe someone has run into this darker image issue and solved it? Seems to go away when I use window capture in OBS on the 2010 imac, instead of video capture device (that you have to use with NDI). If I use “video capture device” on 2010 imac it also looks dark, so there is obviously an issue there somewhere. Unfortunately, that leaves me with low resolution and low frames trying to run everything on the 2010 imac, or a darker and crunchier image than I actually see when working with video waaaves when recording back on the m1.

Or, if anyone has advice on just getting it running on m1, that would probably also sort my issue because then, presumably, I could use window capture instead of video capture device setting on OBS.