Influences ? wHo do you love ? shigeko kubota at moma

hey, newish here but lurked for a long time. I love to read abt media based art, video sculpture, theory, happenings etc you know but havent seen an ~influences~ thread here.

this week I went up to New York to see Liquid Reality at Moma, a show of Shigeko Kubota’s work. the show was only two rooms and a few pieces but was so inspiring to see her work displayed in person. the show had Duchampania (Nude Descending a Staircase) and Three Mountains, a few others. her kinetic pieces w water were amaaaazing in a way that absolutely cant translate online. all so layered and filtered with so many tiers of reframing her video base. all originally displayed at the kitchen which made them feel more approachable than some of the other art nearby. it runs til the end of the year, worth seeing if you can. forgive my awful iphone pix.

who are you all inspired by? are there any artists historic or contemporary you want to shout out ?? would love to share more of my fav artists n pieces here soon and hope to hear about some of yours. image|666x500

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Hi @szantos and thanks for pointing out you couldn’t find discussions about influences…I think this means we need to improve how good content already existing in Scanlines can be found.

Try checking out the topics tagged #media-art-history (I just edited your post to add the same tag. Also I removed #community as we mostly use it for “meta” things).

(with regard to your question, I think I’d name Psychic Tv as a main influence to Pixelflowers)