Innisfree Picasso resourses

I recently acquired an Innisfree Picasso “spatio-temporal vector harmonics” synth. I’m replacing all electrolytics, as most of them show visual signs of failure. When that is finished I’ll be looking to have some fun with it.

Anyone have a manual (pdf or print)?

I have scopes, but can anyone recommend a good monitor? Maybe the Vectrex?


Hi! I am on a quest to discover the picasso and actually document / record what it does as info is so scarce on the thing. It’s been a long time in the works but I am picking up steam recently.

Here is the manual, it is very technical but quite useful. You need an XYZ CRT monitor to display the image (the vectrex may work), and it has several monitors listed that can be helpful. Personally have tried several monitors and have the best luck with the tektronix 620.

picasso (1).pdf (177.2 KB)

Wow! Thank you thank you!

I just finished recapping the entire unit, applied power, and messed around a little, just using a xy scope that I have. I started taking notes on what functions I figured out. I will share that once I’ve sorted all I can.

I don’t have an xyz monitor, but just ordered a tek 602, as I couldn’t find a 620 at a price I could stand. The 602 will need some maintenance before I can use it, but I’ll report back when I’ve got it running.

Can’t wait to dig in to that manual!

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Well, looks like the 602 doesn’t meet the required bandwidth spec of 2MHz. We’ll see how it goes…

On paper the 602 does not have the required Z bandwidth, but in reality you should find that it does.

We have six of the Picasso units here in Portland but are still looking for a more complete copy of the manual (longer than the one posted in this thread).

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6?! Wow!

Thanks for the heads up. I received the 602 a while ago but decided against the refurbishment because I didn’t expect it would do the job. I’ll revisit it.

I have a 602 with blue (P7) phosphor and the bandwidth is as good as any of my other Tek displays for scan processing workflows. Post your results!

Still having trouble getting a proper display. Turns out the 602 I bought is missing the psu board, so I guess I need to find another display. This thing is becoming a bit of a money pit. In the meantime, here are some pics of the recap. It’s the only unit I’ve seen with a front panel/control board like that–controls tacked on like smd. Far out.